Knockout Poker Rooms give players the ability to play poker online in a completely private, peer-to-peer environment. The poker rooms are created using encrypted virtual private networks (VPNs) so that players can securely and privately play against their friends and family anywhere in the world. The Knockout Poker room can be quickly downloaded to any PC and setup in minutes. The software automatically integrates an independent lockbox, accessible only to the player who installs it.

Peer 2 Peer Technology

Peer-to-peer networks have been used for years to share info privately and anonymously. Now, you can use the technology to play poker against anyone, anywhere.



Lockbox Technology

Private, online lockboxes are integrated into the Knockout Poker Room for seamless wagering between players. Players can instantly move their balance between tables. Depositing and withdrawls are simple and convenient.



Players can choose from a large selection of male and female avatars, including realistic characters, cartoons and critters. Players are not restricted to the avatar selection included in the game and can easily upload up to six of their own images, photos or avatars.




Many types of entertainment are available courtesy of Knockout. In the near future, players can watch movies, shows, sports and even adult content.