How do I play ?

Knockout Poker Rooms are private and require a host invitation to participate. To request an invitation, go to go the top of this page and click on the “Find A Game” button. Your invitation from a host will contain a link to download the program. The software must then be installed onto a Windows PC. Once installed, you will be prompted to setup a profile and to activate an internet lockbox. After you have setup a profile and lockbox, you can upload funds using a Visa/MC gift card and begin playing immediately or play for free on a practice table. To see how the game play works, watch our Player Tutorial.

What is peer-to-peer ?

Peer-to-peer technology connects your devices directly to the host’s computer using a VPN, or virtual private network. The game is completely contained within the player and host computers. No outside influences or connections are allowed in. The internet is used to establish the connection to the host, but the program does not connect to any other internet casino or gambling server.

What is a (VPN) Virtual Private Network ?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is the technical name for the private group of computers in a Poker Room. The VPN network is made up of the host computer and all the player computers that are connected to the game.

Do I need to download the poker room software ?

Since the peer-to-peer software establishes a direct connection between  the player and host computer, the program must first be download and installed. Once downloaded and launched, the program will set up a anonymous profile for the player and will automatically create an internet lockbox to associate with the profile. This internet lockbox is associated ONLY with this profile. No one has access to this account other than the player that set it up on installation.

On what type of computer can I play the game ?

Currently, Knockout Poker Room is only available on Windows. A browser-based Poker Room is in development and will be available for use on any operating system.

What is an Internet Lockbox ?

An Internet Lockbox is a virtual safe deposit box that is assigned to each player upon setup of a poker room. The lockboxes are operated by Jefferson Holding, a leader in electronic remittance technology. Similar to a reloadable debit card, the lockbox assigns a virtual account to your program, allowing you to deposit and withdrawal easily and conveniently. Because of the required security, lockboxes are assigned individually to each downloaded player program.

What is a host ?

Poker room hosts are independent operators of the private poker rooms. Hosts control the invitation, acceptance and participation of players in the poker rooms. Every poker room is operated by an independent host.

Can I play at more than one table or in multiple rooms ?

Yes. Each hosted poker room has 12 tables and you can easily jump between tables within a poker room, however you cannot play on more than one table at a time.

Each poker room is a completely independent private network, so in order to play in a different poker room, you would have to have an invitation from that room’s host. If you have received an invitation to more than one poker room, you can play in either, but you will need to download and install the program for each room.

What is 100% rake free ?

The Knockout Poker Rooms are entirely rake free and the house does not take a percentage of the winning pot. Only a $1 per hand vendor fee is taken before the hand is dealt.

What makes your system different from other poker sites ?

Hosted Knockout Poker Rooms are designed to be played exactly as if you were playing in a live game sitting at a table.  Our games are not tournament play but are cash games.  Our rooms are private and no third party influences and/or monitoring can be introduced into the game.

What are your withdrawal and deposit procedures ?

Each profile is assigned a internet lockbox for deposits, withdrawals, and transfers. To make deposits, you will need to use a Visa/MC gift card. After your initial deposit, you can transfer and withdrawal money easily and conveniently. Withdrawals are made via check which usually arrive within 3 to 5 business days. For a small fee you can receive an expedited check that will be sent next-day air mail which usually arrives within 24hours.