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Knockout Poker Rooms

Knockout Poker Rooms give players the ability to play poker online in a completely private, peer-to-peer environment. The poker rooms are created using encrypted virtual private networks (VPNs) so that players can securely and privately play against their friends and family anywhere in the world.

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Peer-to-peer networks have been used for years to share info privately and anonymously. Now, you can use the technology to play poker against anyone, anywhere.




Security is incredibly important online. The VPN peer-to-peer networks ensure that games played in the Poker Rooms are unaffected by bots, spyware or other outside influences.



Peer-to-peer technology enables you to play against friends and family anywhere in the world. All you need is a internet connection and access to a Knockout Poker Room.

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Lockbox Banking

Play with confidence knowing your funds cannot be accessed by anyone other than you. You, and you alone, hold the keys to your online lockbox.